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A recent boiler service and another dangerous fault identified

This recent call out shows the importance of regular servicing/gas safety checks. The customer had reported water dripping from their boiler casing, which turned out to be a result of a poorly fitted flue. When installing a boiler, it's important to make sure the flue is fitted perfectly to prevent broken seals. In this instance the rubber washer that seals the flue elbow to the boiler had been pushed out of place during installation, causing condensation and fumes to fill the boiler casing, leading to water dripping from the case.

A new flue has now been installed, along with a complete strip-down service to ensure the integrity of all combustion seals. Always use a Gas Safe Registered engineer to install, service, or maintain your gas appliances. This is a good example of the sub-standard work that we encounter on a daily basis, that could've been very dangerous if not rectified.

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