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Dangerous gas hob...

Gas Safe Registered engineers are required to carry out visual checks when they encounter a gas appliance, even if they're not working on thst appliance. For example, if we're servicing a boiler in a kitchen and we see a gas cooker, we'll visually inspect it to make sure it's stable and secure, it meets ventilation requirements, locstion suitability, whether there are signs of distress, flame picture, and if applicable, the flueing - this is not an exhaustive list.

If we're required to test the gas installation for tightness, we'll need access to your gas meter and shortly after, any appliances you have. This is when we'll relight and carry out our safety checks.

This gas hob was tested recently and as the video shows, the flame picture is indicative of something not quite right. The control handle was missing, and more importantly the hob appeared to have been tampered with at some point in it's life. The customer was made aware of this and agreed to have the hob replaced. We isolated the appliance as it is classified as immediately dsngerous under the gas industry unsafe situations procedure by IGEM - a technical guide for gas engineers outlining the correct steps to help identify unsafe situations and the appropriate courses of action.

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