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Does your heating system need a Powerflush? Important information

When installing a new boiler to an existing heating system, the manufacturer’s literature for the boiler will state that system cleansing needs to be carried out to comply with BS7593-2006 – the recommended code of practice for flushing and treatment of heating systems.

Sludge and debris within a heating system will prematurely wear components within your boiler and could result in expensive repairs, or require a replacement boiler if not treated. The most effective way to cleanse a central heating system is with the use of a Powerflushing machine. This is a purpose built machine capable of flushing your heating system with added chemicals to ensure a fast effective cleansing process. To speed up the process and boost the effectiveness of the flush, we use an Adey Magnacleanse filter to catch any magnetic sludge and debris as it returns to the powerflushing machine. Once we are satisfied that the water in the heating system is no longer contaminated and all sludge has been removed, a chemical corrosion inhibitor will be added before bleeding all of the air out of the cleansed system.

Powerflushing may be required if your radiators are slow to heat up, don’t heat up evenly or you heating system has overall poor performance. Other signs that may indicate your system needs a flush are noisy boilers or pipework, or frequent bleeding of radiators. If you think your system may need a powerflush, just get in touch and we will be happy to advise.

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