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Vaillant Turbomax Boiler/Flue repair in Hoylake, Wirral

The flue is the part of your boiler that expels the products of combustion safely. If your boiler has a flue that is damaged, or isn't fitted correctly, the consequences could be fatal as carbon monoxide could escape and enter the building. As part of a gas safety inspection or boiler service, the flue will be checked for integrity and overall condition. The photograph below shows a badly damaged flue - caused by weathered plastic becoming brittle and breaking.

We're often asked by customers why defects such as this pose risk. The risk is that vermin can enter the flue and cause a blockage, or the flue can breakdown further causing products of combustion to mix with plenum, which then causes incomplete combustion. A boiler service engineer will use an electronic flue gas analyser to determine whether the combustion performance is satisfactory or not, but the condition of the flue should always be checked and any defects brought to the attention of the gas user/responsible person.

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