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Plumber at Work

General Plumbing

From basic leak repairs to complex hot and cold water systems. We cover most aspects of domestic plumbing and would be happy to discuss any requirements you have.

Unvented hot water cylinder and expansion vessel in an airing cupboard. UK plumbing.jpg

Unvented Hot Water Cylinders 

Secondary return unvented hot water systems are installed to reduce the amount of time you need to run a hot tap before the water comes through hot. Instead of the hot water having to come all the way from a boiler or cylinder, there is a loop of preheated pipework ready to deliver hot water to your taps immediately. Commonly used in hotels and luxury homes, it’s a great addition to any home undergoing renovation work.


Bathroom Alterations & Repairs

Toilet repairs, Leaking taps, Shower problems, the typical family bathroom is used so frequently that wear and tear takes a toll on fixtures and fittings no matter how well looked after. We prioritise emergency repairs to bathrooms and heating systems to keep your busy household running as it should. We offer a free quote service for bathroom alterations.

Worried woman calling a boiler breakdown emergency service using her smartphone.jpg

Emergency Plumbing Repairs

Emergency plumbing repairs around the clock - subject to availability. Please call to discuss your requirements. If you have a leak that is damaging your property and are having difficulty isolating the water. Feel free to call anytime of day/night for an emergency call out.

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